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The standard ISO 23159:2020 “Non-destructive testing — Gamma ray scanning method on process columns” is now available! You can obtain it via the link

1 To act as the international scientific society for tracer and radiation applications to bring together individuals, teams and institutes working in the relevant fields.

2 To be the international certification body for practitioners in these fields (including setting training syllabus and examinations, and issuing qualifications to individuals).

3 To foster communication, cooperation and networking between individuals, teams, and organisations working in tracer and radiation applications through professional activities including the Tracer conference series.

The International Society for Tracer and Radiation Applications (ISTRA) was founded during the Tracer 7 conference in Marrakesh in October 2014. The General Constitutional Assembly held on 14 October 2014 decided to create an International Society as a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting international cooperation in this field. The main fields covered by the Society are: radiotracer and conventional methodologies and technologies as applied to industry and environment, as well as in radiometric and related methods for non-destructive investigations and process visualization, such as nucleonic control systems (NCS), Computed Tomography (CT), Computer Aided Radioactive Particle Tracing (CARPT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV), and modelling approaches including residence time distribution (RTD) and computer fluid dynamics (CFD) which either assist in the analysis of resulting data or use it for validation or parameterisation.

Specific activities of ISTRA include:

Advancement of the application of tracer methods and other technologies using ionizing radiation in the investigation and optimization of processes in non-medical fields of scientific research, industry and environment.

Standardization of procedures to ensure good practice and reliable measuring results for any end user of tracer methods and technologies using ionizing radiation.

Contribution to maintaining professional competence of members of ISTRA in tracer and radiation applications and technologies, including by the definition and implementation of professional standards and qualifications for practitioners.